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Lifestyle Lift Reviews

Surprisingly Amazing Results

Age at Procedure: 62


Posted on 11-05-2013

Inland Empire (Ontario)

Dr. Brian Machida
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  I have wanted to have a surgery like this for years but was never able to afford it. When I would look in the mirror all I saw was a sagging chin and jowls. I would always avoid picture taking, especially profile pictures. I got an email from LL and started looking at the before and after pictures and I was amazed. Before I knew it I was having a live chat and ended up the next day at a consultation. Monica did my consult. She was my age so I felt very comfortable with her because she could relate better than someone thirty or so years younger. I scheduled with Dr Machita and he was great! The entire experience was not what I had imagined. Felt nothing during procedure( they use a local...yeah). and total recover time was about 2 to 3 weeks but after 10 days I was out and about. I would recommend this procedure to anyone thinking of having plastic surgery. The whole experience was positive for me, and the results is just amazing. I am ready for the camera now.....cheese!!

Are you happy with the results of your Lifestyle Lift?
Yes I am happy with the results of my Lifestyle Lift.

Would you recommend Lifestyle Lift to others?
Yes, I would recommend it to others

Of course everyones results will differ, because they depend on such individual factors as skin type, health, age and general disposition. But we thought you would be interested in the views and photos of these real consumers.

Michelle had Lifestyle Lift face and neck firming procedures


Other Reviews

Anonymous from
Azusa CA

Age at Procedure:57

Posted 11-01-2013
  Dr. Brian Machida understood exactly what I wanted as the end result.

I am very impressed with the staff, and especially with Dr. Brian Machida....He understood exactly the end result that I wanted to acquire. I am extremely pleased with the outcome, it's being a little more then one month since I had the procedure done, and I can see drastic results....It is a normal look.... If you are afraid or have any doubts about having this procedure....let me set you at ease...this was a very easy procedure, you just follow the instructions and everything will be fine....I strongly recommend Dr. Machida to anyone who is thinking about having this procedure. ...... READ MORE»

Barbara from
Arcadia CA

Age at Procedure:60
Barbara had Lifestyle Lift facial and neck firming procedures
Posted 08-27-2013
  Excellent Results

Although I have to say that the experience of being awake during the procedure was a bit creepy and scary, the reason I chose a Lifestyle Lift is for that very reason - I didn't want to take the risk of general anesthetic. The procedure was a bit more brutal than I thought it would be, but it was painless and fairly quick. I think it took an hour or maybe a bit more. I'm glad I had someone stay with me the first night because I couldn't do much on my own - could barely get a spoon in my mouth so soft foods were in order for the first week. There was more swelling and bruising than I expected but fool that I am, I didn't take the Arnica before and after the procedure. Take that. The swelling and bruising were down enough that on day 12 I got on a plane and went on a trip. After three weeks I was able to go out and friends and relatives didn't notice anything strange about me. After four weeks I am still swollen but it's not noticeable at all. I feel like I have a strap from ear to ear under my chin, but that feeling gets less and less weekly. I'm very happy with the results. I look like the person I remember being and feel great about myself....... READ MORE»

Anonymous from
Hesperia CA

Age at Procedure:62

Posted 08-27-2013
  Satisfied, and then some.

I did enough research to feel confident that I wanted both the chin lift and the lower eyes done. Machida answered my questions. I thoroughly read all the instructions and purchased all of the meds prescribed, including the homeopathic ones. It was convenient to stay at the hotel the night before and the night after surgery. I was admitted to their facility early, and was seated in something like a dental chair. The assistant doled out several of the prescribed meds, and I quickly passed out (didn't even feel the shots.) When I awoke, they were wrapping my head. There was no pain, but a little dizziness, and they wheeled me over to my room. My face and eyes were hot (I needed to sleep with cold packs for three days.) I returned the following day after surgery for the check-up. Then, more questions were answered, and I drove home. The third day, the swelling was at its peak. My neck and eyes were very swollen. The next appointment was a week later. A hematoma on the side of my neck (quite common) had to be drained. Maria was very gentle and kind removing the stitches. Five weeks out, I still have very slight swelling under the eyes. I can really see the difference. My jowls are gone, my side-view has a horizontal chin rather than a diagonal one, and the eye bags are gone, along with some of the wrinkles that I didn't even expect. These procedures were totally worth it to me. My husband says I look the same, but my photos say otherwise. The guy who usually works out next to me in gym class said, "You look prettier. How'd you do that?"...... READ MORE»

Loretta from
Corona CA

Age at Procedure:63
Patricia had Lifestyle Lift facial and neck firming procedures
Posted 08-01-2013
  It was the right decision for me.

All the thoughts and questions I had about the life style lift was answered completely in terms I understood and felt comfortable about. My first visit explained in detail the procedure and the results to expect. My next appointment was to meet Dr. Yovino and get another walk through of the procedure that he was going to perform on my face. The communication and the explanations I was given was so straight forward and comprehensible, I was ready! Dr. Yovino was excellent during my procedure keeping me informed on the process As far as recovery time, I was ready to go. There was no down time for me other than wearing the facial support for awhile which was not long at all. There was no discomfort. The o e thing I did notice right away was I looked so much better instantly even with some swelling. Without make up was ok because my look was good. Now when I get ready with make up, it's do e fast because I am not digging through my make up for a magic fix for dropping jewels and neck. My results have made me just feel inside thrilled! I look in the mirror now and love the results I have received. ...... READ MORE»

Anonymous from
Upland CA

Age at Procedure:67

Posted 06-11-2013
  very good staff and amazing results

I only experienced minimal pain and discomfort with the procedure, and the results are amazing. I feel younger and prettier and has bolstered my self confidence. My vote of confidence and a big congratulations to Dr. Brian Machida for a successful endeavor. I would strongly recommend him to do your procedure too, if you are contemplating to have one done....... READ MORE»

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