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Age at Procedure: 74


Posted on 01-10-2013


Dr. Robert Woods
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  I wish that I had been told more about the procedure and the pain that i would recieve. I have a very high tolerance for pain and did not expect what I experienced. When doing the neck procedure I felt such extreme pressure and discomfort I did not think I could last.The needles for the numbing was so painful. I also feel I should have been told about the cutting of my hair when the procedure was under way. I am still experiencing numbness on the sides of my face and ears and bruising after 9 weeks. I am happy with my neck result but do not know if I would have done it. The rest of my result I really do not see too much difference from the before and the after pictures. I was happy with the staff.

Are you happy with the results of your Lifestyle Lift?
Happy with my eyes and neck.

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Of course everyones results will differ, because they depend on such individual factors as skin type, health, age and general disposition. But we thought you would be interested in the views and photos of these real consumers.


Other Reviews

Jane from
Prescott AZ

Age at Procedure:65
Jane had Lifestyle Lift facial and neck firming procedures
Posted 07-08-2013
  Dr. Desvigne is great

I turned 65 in February and was feeling very depressed about the way my turkey neck looked. I had always said I would never do "plastic surgery" but I really didn't like the way I was aging. I am an aerobic instructor and have taken very good care of my body for over 30 years, so it was hard to accept that I couldn't exercise and fix my neck. The staff at Lifestyle Lift is really good at making you feel comfortable about the procedure. I had the neck lift only. Be certain to listen to your doctor very closely when they describe the procedure prior to your surgery (yes, this is surgery). Everything Dr. Desvigne told me prior to the surgery happened and almost exactly the way he said it would. To be honest, I expected to recover much faster than the average patient (because I always have in the past), so I was surprised when I did not. For example, I did not fill the preion for the nausea medication because I don't ever have problems with nausea. WRONG DECISION - I had to send my husband to fill it when we got home and needed to take it twice. I basically slept through the whole surgery - I remember the doctor coming in the room and the next thing I remember is being told I had to leave in a wheel chair. You MUST have someone stay with you for the first few days (at least). You won't feel like doing anything for yourself and I had some weakness, so I had a little problem walking a couple of times. For the first three weeks I wasn't certain I had done the right thing. My neck definitely looked great, but my face and ears were swollen, so I didn't look like myself. Now that it has been 7 weeks, I am very pleased with the way I look. My neck looks very natural and my jowls are almost gone. My dimple no longer droops. Several people have complimented me on the way my skin looks. My ears and jaws in front of my ears are still numb. I think this will disappear with time - primarily because they feel tingly sometimes and I want to rub them. If there is something that I am not entirely happy with, it would be my neck directly behind my ears. It looks a little "pulled." (Dr Desvigne says he can fix this if I want.) I have very short hair, so my husband notices this, however, I doubt if anyone else sees it. My biggest surprise with this whole process was when I told my doctor (GP) what I had done. His response was "I hear this about once a week." I never realized so many people had neck lifts. So, to summarize: Would I do it again? Yes Was it easy? No Do I look younger? Yes Was it uncomfortable? Yes, for at least 3 weeks. Is my husband happy? Yes Am I happy? Yes...... READ MORE»

Margaret from
Glendale AZ

Age at Procedure:75
Margaret had a Lifestyle Lift w/ eyelids and a laser treatment
Posted 07-01-2013

Consultant was very interested in me and always remembered me when I was in the office. Office staff were friendly, but a little officious. I'm an intelligent woman and not all people need to be told the obvious. My meds were called in for me which was great. I had my neck and face lifted plus my eyes so I did experience some pain. I don't usually use pain meds, but I did for this. The results are not dramatic, but obviously I look much better, not so tired looking. At my age, one would not want anything too obvious or extreme, People tell me I look great, but don't ask me what I had done. My hair stylist gave a rather pointed "I noticed, you look great." Dr. Devigne was very kind and interested. It would be nice to be able to see the Dr. some time before the 6 wk mark. I would recommend this procedure to others because I do feel much better about myself and my appearance. I have even lost 15 lbs. to go along with my new face. My husband and family think the results are very good. ...... READ MORE»

Ruthanne from
Cottonwood AZ

Age at Procedure:65
Ruthanne had Lifestyle Lift facial and neck firming procedures
Posted 06-21-2013
  Very pleased with the results

Weight loss coupled with aging resulted in a "turkey neck" for me. Decided the Lifestyle Lift would best suit my needs. From my initial consultation through recovery, the staff and Dr. Desgivne were very caring and helpful. Dr. Desgivne explained the surgical procedure and what to expect before, during, and after. He was very forthright with me to the extent of even saying that after the first 2-3 days after the surgery you're going to ask yourself "what was I thinking?". And, yes, I did ask myself that question. However, long-term results outweigh the short-term discomfort. My recovery time was approximately 2 weeks. I am very pleased with the results of the Lifestyle Lift and best of all. come this Thanksgiving Day. I won't have to go into hiding....... READ MORE»

Dreama from
Surprise AZ

Age at Procedure:68
Dreama had a Lifestyle Lift
Posted 05-31-2013

Stunning....the word most used by friends after the procedure of 3 months ago. Dr Woods, with his skill to turn back the years....and as I heal more each day the results still amaze me!! The whole staff are so professional and caring before, during and after with the follow-ups. I always felt that I was in "good hands". I was fortunate to have three good friends who had the procedure before me and told me of things to expect after the procedure. I'm still in the healing mode and my husband is thrilled with the "new" me....... READ MORE»

Gail from
Phoenix AZ

Age at Procedure:61
Gail had a Lifestyle Lift
Posted 03-27-2013
  Extremely happy with results

Staff was great from first meeting, through scheduling, through procedure as well as post-op. All went scheduled as planned and being awake and only under local wasn't as frightening as I first feared. It took a full 2 weeks for bruises to be hideable but scarf worked for the winter. Nurse for procedure, phone follow-up and stitches removable was fantastic. Dr. Robledo was very skilled at the procedure and I no longer hate looking in the mirror at those horrible jowls and wrinkled neck. I look amazing and feel amazing as a result....... READ MORE»

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